Joint Graduate Research Training Group Windy Cities

In scope of the “energy transition” a promising field of high socio-economic relevance and visibility will be processed in this new Joint Graduate Research Training Group. The cooperative graduate program “Windy Cities” focuses on investigations of the economic use of small wind turbines for local distributed power generation in urban areas. The interdisciplinary approach here includes projects for simulation and visualization, development of new energy storage technologies, testing of prototypes in wind turbines up to an intelligent load management.

The doctoral program is funded through the Ministry of Science, Research and Arts of Baden-Württemberg and includes 12 PhD projects that are awarded in the form of scholarships.

Supervision, Interdisciplinarity and Exchange

The supervision of the projects is carried out by a tandem of a university and a HAW professor. Due to this tandem care a particularly stimulating scientific environment is created for the scholarship holders. The projects are closely interrelated through the thematically orientation of the college and interdisciplinary exchange is made possible. The regular exchange of results and ideas also opens up the possibility to carry out individual trials in the laboratories of other working groups and so complete more quickly and successfully a promotion through the use of a larger portfolio of methods.


“Windy Cities” is linked to the course program GRADus of the University of Stuttgart, which opened to the members a wide range of training opportunities. For the entire time of the doctoral project, hard and soft skills are equally promoted due to courses offered through GRADus.